A web3 protocol.

A web3 rewarded ads protocol where users, instead of corporate gatekeepers, are compensated for their attention, governed by software where every rule is encoded in smart contracts, visible to all, and immune to arbitrary change.

The $EVERY Token

$EVERY is the native cryptocurrency of Everyworld.


A long-term vision for a decentralized organization designed to support environmental conservation causes through technological innovation.

The foundation will ensure that the ecosystem's growth and token distribution align with the community's values and the project's overarching goals..

As the platform matures, the foundation will gradually transition these governance responsibilities to the token holders themselves, empowering the community to propose, vote on, and implement changes and upgrades to the protocol.


Leveraging the best parts of blockchain technology.

Blockchains are a novel technology that can bring communities together for the greater good through token incentives and decentralized code.

Here are some of the ways that Everyworld uses blockchain technology:

  • On-chain Drawings — Each winner of the Everyworld drawing will be selected through an on-chain and randomized selection, so that the process is fully transparent and fair.
  • Dual-Incentive Token Payouts — Payout allocations will be pre-determined through a smart contract.
  • Charity Voting — Eventually, holders of $EVERY will be able to vote on-chain to decide which charity each drawing payout should support.

Your participation can make an impact.

Turn everyday digital activity into rewards for both you and the planet.

Everyworld is a game you play on discord.

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