THE future vision

The digital landscape is poised for a seismic shift driven by cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Everyworld is based on the foundation of heightened decentralization and the democratization of data, economics and discovery.

This inevitable progression anticipates a paradigm shift where centralized authorities relinquish their control over information dissemination and market accessibility.

We believe we need an Internet that can foster competition and mitigate the dominance of large technology companies, unlock opportunities in the innovation economy, and enable people to take control of their digital information. The solution is web3 — the third generation of the Internet — a group of technologies that encompasses blockchains, digital assets, decentralized applications and finance, and decentralized autonomous organizations. Together, these tools enable new forms of human collaboration that can help communities make better collective decisions about critical issues, such as how networks will evolve and how economic benefits will be distributed. We are optimistic about the potential of web3 to restore trust in institutions and expand access to opportunity.” - A16Z Crypto

THE FUTURE OF THEEveryworld protocol.

Everyworld aims to become the leading decentralized advertising network enabling a revolutionary dual incentive framework, one that empowers users with unprecedented agency, innovation and autonomy.





At the genesis of Everyworld, content will be a meticulously curated experience of interesting new product discoveries that upholds quality and relevance. As the decentralized facets of the protocol mature, a transformative paradigm shift will unfold, empowering creators, enterprises, and users alike to seamlessly contribute their own content, mirroring the familiar dynamics of mainstream social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Furthermore, users will be able to tailor their Everyworld experience to align with their individual interests. Through intuitive customization features, users can select specific subjects and themes, ensuring that the content they encounter is finely attuned to their unique preferences and affinities.


Advertisers provide video content to Everyworld, select targeted audience, and make payment in $EVERY.


Users are provided with rewards based on their activities. Platforms are provided with  revenue share based on activity.


Video ads are delivered to users on various platforms
(e.g. Discord, Telegram, Everyworld App)




Everyworld's economic framework requires all directed content promotion to be transacted through the $EVERY token. This strategic alignment can develop a self-sustaining economic ecosystem, underpinned by the circulation of the native token.

Through this relationship between content promotion and token utilization, Everyworld's treasury seeks to establish an economic equilibrium wherein revenues generated by the protocol in $EVERY are calibrated to surpass or equal the quantity of $EVERY disbursed through the platform's incentivized Drawings within a specified timeframe.

As the platform advances, this synergy between economic equilibrium and token utility cultivates an environment where innovation thrives and participants are duly rewarded for their contributions. Thus, Everyworld emerges not merely as a digital platform but as a transformative force driving the evolution of decentralized economies into new frontiers of possibility and prosperity.