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the $EVERY Token

$EVERY is the native platform coin for the Everyworld ecosystem. The $EVERY Token is built on the Ethereum blockchain network (ERC-20) and Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 network.

Core Token Utility

$EVERY is the only accepted form of payment for advertisers. Holders of $EVERY also earn additional rewards across the Everyworld ecosystem.

Promoting Content

$EVERY will be the only method of payment accepted by Everyworld to promote content. Users include brands, companies and creators that are marketing a product or content through Everyworld. Non-commercial users may also choose to pay to promote content in order to generate more engagement.

Perpetual Entries to Jackpot Games

Holders of $EVERY receive entries into all jackpots without needing to earn entries through engagement on Everyworld and are to exchange seeds for Scratch cards. The ratio of tokens to perpetual tickets increases with time, but early holders lock in the initial ratio, but the wallet must continue to hold to retain this ratio. Holding $EVERY also confers meaningful discounts on scratch cards, increasing reward yield. See Project Analytics  for more details.

The $EVERY Ecosystem Rewards

$EVERY Token may also power a rewards program ecosystem that aggregates and bridges the rewards from a mix of platforms, games, and applications. This is a solution for rewards programs which leverages the potential of blockchain technology.

On-Chain Transparency


Part of the Base Ecosystem

$EVERY is built on Base, and is part of the Base ecosystem. $EVERY is an ERC20, and Base leverages the underlying security of Ethereum and allows easy onramps to Ethereum L1 and other interoperable chains. Base is an L2 chain built in collaboration with Optimism and leverages the last decade of Coinbase’s experience building crypto products. It’s fast, low-cost, decentralized, and secure.

and On-Chain

Everyworld is committed to the highest standards of transparency and fairness in the selection of jackpot winners. The system is designed to be provably fair, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that all participants can verify the integrity and fairness of each jackpot. A diagram is provided below to help visualize the mechanism:
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Here are some insights that have inspired the design of Everyworld:

Public good funding levels will tend to be higher and probably more accurate than under purely private contribution schemes, which is likely why most developed countries use democratic mechanisms for determining levels of public goods.

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E. Glen Weyl

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The arc of history in business is all about companies that had social aspirations as well as commercial benchmarks and interests.

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Non-hierarchical mechanisms for charitable giving are increasingly relevant as backlash continues to grow against the top-down dictates of well-intentioned but ultimately elitist class of donors.

Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig,
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A Flexible Design for Funding Public Goods Article submitted to Management Science
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