Blockchain for Good

Everyworld combines the thrill of winning payouts with the power of pooling donations, leveraging the community-driven power of blockchain technology.

What if

donating to charity created mutual benefits for both the donors and the beneficiaries?

What if

the act of giving felt effortless but its impact felt massive?

There's no virtual world
without a physical one.

Everyworld leverages blockchain technology so that users can transform their digital footprint and engagement into a collaborative force for good.

Conservation Organizations

Everyworld contributes to positive change in the world, while also compensating you for your time and attention. Between 40-45% of every jackpot is allocated for and will be donated to environmental conservation organizations.  

The objective is:

  • To identify reputable organizations to  focus on geographically-diverse mandates, especially in places where the Everyworld community is concentrated
  • To select organizations that are apolitical

To date, Everyworld has made donations to:

  •  Vida Silvestre, an Argentina-focused wildlife conservation organization
  • The Ocean Clean-up

The Dual Incentive Mechanism

Everyworld's dual-incentive mechanism distributes rewards through jackpot payouts that are split between the winner and environmental conservation organizations.

A Win For You

The individual who wins the Jackpot receives 45% of the total payout.

A Win For the Planet

40-45% of the Jackpot payout is donated to environmental conservation orgs.
Mission 1

Using blockchain
for public good.

The ultimate goal is a decentralized, self-sustaining economy that drives both technological innovation and charitable contributions.

  • Open, transparent and unrestricted access to information
  • Verifiable outcomes recorded on-chain
    Non-hierarchical, global scale without the need for a central authority, prompting initiatives that transcend borders
  • Community-building attributes fostered by the ownership of a widely-distributed fungible asset class
  • The collective belief in the value of digital assets
Mission 2

A new economic model.

A dual-incentive mechanism that creates a synergistic relationship between individual motives and collective goals.

Symbiotic alignment of social responsibility and aspirational motivation through a culture of giving inspires a dispersed global community to act collectively to maximize the value of donations to charitable organizations. While participants are incentivized, the planet remains the ultimate beneficiary. This model encourages individual participation, creating a balanced ecosystem.


Contributes to positive change in the world, while also compensating you for your time and attention.

International Business Times

It is very interesting that you can get something in return for something that is usually annoying and also help the world while doing so.

Madame Hell

One of the few crypto projects that pay attention and priority to environmental protection issues globally.

Giang Nguyen Khac