What is Everyworld?
Is it necessary to sign up using Discord? What are other methods of signing up?
What are seeds?
How do I join Everyworld?
What are tickets?
How do I earn tickets?
What can I do with the tickets I earn?
Do my Season 1 points get carried forward to Season 2?
How do I add my friend to my referral tree using my referral code?
What are Quests?
How often are jackpots held?
How do I enter the jackpot?
How big is the jackpot?
How can I win the jackpot payout?
How are jackpot winners selected?
What happens to my tickets at the end of the jackpot?
Do I need to KYC in order to get my jackpot payout?
How do jackpot payouts get split?
If I win the jackpot, can I win again?
I received $EVERY in the Season 1 airdrop, how do I claim?
What chain is the community airdrop token built on?
Is the $EVERY token listed?
What does holding $EVERY get me?
How can the $EVERY token be used and what is the utility?
What is the mission of Everyworld?
How does conservation play a role in the Everyworld model?
How does advertising work in Everyworld?
How do advertisers benefit from this protocol?
Are there location restrictions?
I'm under 18, can I play?
What is the maximum amount of tickets I can enter to the current jackpot?
What if I’ve already earned 100 tickets to enter the current jackpot?