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Get answers to commonly asked questions

What is Everyworld?

Everyworld is a blockchain-enabled rewards layer with free-to-play web3 jackpot games that pay out community members and capitalize conservation efforts.

How do I join Everyworld?

You can sign up here: You will be able to authenticate with Discord, or SMS. Additional methods of authentication will be added over time.

You can also play Everyworld directly inside Telegram here:

Can anyone participate in Everyworld?

Everyworld is not available to individuals from the United States and other select countries. 

Residents of the following countries are also ineligible to participate in Everyworld: Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Canada (Province of Quebec, Cambodia, Chad, China, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Singapore, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, and where otherwise prohibited by law. If you are a resident of one of these countries, do not enter a jackpot, since jackpots are not intended for you. 

You must be 18 years or older to participate in Everyworld.

Everyworld App

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the game.

What are seeds?

Starting in Season 2, seeds are in-game currency that can be earned by engaging with content on Everyworld. Seeds can be earned by watching videos, referring friends, and completing quests. When you earn a certain amount of seeds, you can earn 1 ticket that is automatically entered into the current jackpot. 

Seeds can also be used to claim scratch cards if you hold the minimum required amount of $EVERY.

What can I use seeds for?

Seeds can be used to claim scratch cards during the time of a scratch card drop if you hold the minimum required amount of $EVERY.

What are tickets?

Tickets are required to enter the Everyworld jackpot to get a chance to win.

How do I earn tickets?

There are 2 ways to earn tickets in Everyworld:

1.Engagement—(“Tickets from Seeds”):

You can earn seeds by engaging with content in Everyworld, referring friends, and completing quests. 500 seeds will give you 1 ticket that is automatically entered into the current jackpot. 

2. Holding $EVERY—(“Tickets from Holding”):

You can also earn tickets by holding $EVERY. For every 50 $EVERY tokens you hold, you earn 1 ticket into the current jackpot. Tickets are automatically entered into the current jackpot once you connect your Ethereum wallet to the Everyworld app at

What can I do with the tickets I earn?

Tickets are automatically entered into the current jackpot. Tickets give you a chance to win the jackpot, and the more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning.

Do my Season 1 points get carried forward to Season 2?

Points reset at the end of each season.

How do I add my friend to my referral tree using my referral code?

In order to add a friend to a referral tree you can use the /refer command in the general channel in Discord to generate your referral code. Once someone joins your referral tree, you automatically receive a bonus and 20% of all of the users they refer. If one of your referrals wins the jackpot, you receive a portion of the payout.

In the web app, you will be able to enter a referral code to join a referral tree.

What are Quests?

Quests allow you to earn extra seeds by completing actions on Twitter such as liking, replying, and reposting selected posts. New types of quests will be rolled out over time.

The Jackpot

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Jackpot.

How often are jackpots held?

Jackpots are held once a week, typically on Fridays, but that is subject to change.

How do I enter the jackpot?

Once you earn at least one ticket, you are automatically entered into the current jackpot.

What is the maximum amount of tickets I can enter to the current jackpot?

100 tickets is the maximum amount of tickets you can enter to each jackpot.

What if I’ve already earned 100 tickets to enter the current jackpot?

You can still engage with content on the Everyworld app, refer friends, and participate in quests to earn seeds. However, once you’ve earned 100 tickets for the current jackpot, your seeds will not convert to jackpot tickets for that jackpot period.

How big is the jackpot?

The size of the jackpot grows with each ticket entered, and one ticket entered = one token in the jackpot payout. This means that the bigger the participation, the bigger the jackpot payout.

How can I win the jackpot payout?

You can win the jackpot payout in two ways:

1. Winning the jackpot

2. If a member of your referral tree wins the jackpot, you get a payout, too

How are jackpot winners selected?

Jackpot winners are provably-fair, and the selection process leverages blockchain methodology to ensure transparency.  You can learn more about the provably-fair jackpot winner selection process here.

What happens to my tickets at the end of the jackpot?

Tickets are automatically entered into the current jackpot. Once the current jackpot is over, tickets earned from seeds reset to 0. However, you will always have tickets from holding $EVERY tokens as you hold at least 50 $EVERY tokens, so long as your wallet is connected to the Everyworld platform. 

In other words, your tickets from holding do not expire after the jackpot if you are still holding enough $EVERY tokens.

Do I need to KYC in order to get my jackpot payout?

Yes, if you win the jackpot, or you are part of the referral tree that wins a jackpot, you have 2 weeks to pass KYC in order to claim your $EVERY tokens. You will also need to connect your wallet to the Everyworld app within that two week period (or confirm the wallet you currently have connected) in order to get your payout.

How do jackpot payouts get split?

40-45% to the individual jackpot winner

40-45% to be donated to environmental conservation organizations

0-10% to any users above the winning user in a Referral Tree*

10% are burned

All jackpot winnings unlock monthly over 36 months.

* If less than 10% of the jackpot payout is earned through a Referral Tree, the remainder is split equally between the jackpot winner and the conservation organization. If the winner does not have anyone above them in a Referral Tree, then the winner and the conservation organization will each receive 45% of the jackpot payout.

If I win the jackpot, can I win again?

Yes, all previous winners of Everyworld jackpots are eligible to win additional jackpots, so long as they have tickets.

Are jackpot payouts on-chain?

Yes, jackpots winnings are paid out on-chain on the Base network. 

Jackpot payouts unlock monthly over 36 months. Winners must also confirm their wallet and receive KYC approval within two weeks of winning the jackpot in order to claim their payout.

How do payouts for jackpots work?

In order to receive your jackpot payout, you must first KYC within 2 weeks of winning the jackpot and connect your wallet. If you have already passed KYC and connected your wallet, you must re-confirm your wallet address to confirm the wallet you want your winnings to be sent to.

Scratch Cards

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Scratch Cards.

What are scratch cards?

Scratch cards are another way to win in Everyworld. Scratch and match 3 numbers in order to reveal your reward.

How do I get a scratch card?

Users can claim scratch cards at any time for a chance to win up to 10,000 $EVERY. In order to claim one you must hold the minimum required amount $EVERY. You can claim a scratch card with seeds.

How much can I win with a scratch card?

You can win up to 10,000 $EVERY with a scratch card. Prizes range from 500 seeds to 10,000 $EVERY.

How do I get a discount on scratch cards?

The more $EVERY you hold, the bigger the discount on scratch cards. In order to receive a discount, you must connect your wallet.

What do I get from sharing my scratch card winnings on X?

If you share your scratch card winnings on X, you get the chance to win another scratch card.

Are scratch cards provably fair?

Yes! Scratch cards are stored in a list which is then hashed and stored in a csv file. Everyworld generates a standard SHA-256 hash for the user's scratch card server seed. The reward for the scratch card is selected by using the combination of the user seed (randomly generated by the server and editable by the user) and server seed (randomly generated by the server) together to generate an index that picks the reward from the reward list..

The user’s seed and server seed determines which index in the list they receive which then allocates their winnings.

Once the user plays the scratch card, they are able to view and download their encrypted hash. The final list is revealed users can cross-check their index with the original list, verifying the process's integrity.

When can I withdraw the $EVERY I won from playing scratch cards?

You must have won a total of at least 1,000 $EVERY from scratch card winnings in order to withdraw.

$EVERY Token

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Everyworld token $EVERY.

I received $EVERY in the Season 1 airdrop, how do I claim?

If you are a recipient of the Everyworld Season 1 Airdrop, you have until December 31, 2024 to claim your token allocations. Please follow the instructions carefully here in order to successfully claim your tokens. You need to claim your tokens with the same wallet that you used to complete the Season 1 Airdrop criteria eligibility.

What chain is the community airdrop token built on?

The community airdrop token is a Base token, but can be bridged to ethereum mainnet using Superbridge. In order to bridge, follow the instructions here.

Is the $EVERY token listed?

Yes, $EVERY is listed on Bybit and The ERC20 $EVERY tokens trade on these exchanges. The Base $EVERY tokens do not trade on these exchanges, but you can bridge to ethereum mainnet using Superbridge. For a list of exchanges please refer to Everyworld’s official pages on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

What does holding $EVERY get me?

Holding $EVERY is your recurring ticket to a global jackpot. As long as you hold the minimum required amount of $EVERY, you will always have a ticket to enter the jackpot. You will also get the chance to claim scratch cards with seeds.

How can the $EVERY token be used and what is the utility?

$EVERY will be used in the Everyworld ecosystem in two primary ways:

Tickets from Holding: 

Regularly-scheduled Jackpots incentivize engagement by offering users the chance to win a Jackpot payout in $EVERY tokens.

Holders of $EVERY will receive tickets from holding to enter the Jackpot. The more $EVERY you hold, the more tickets you have, up to the maximum amount. 

As long as you hold $EVERY, you always receive tickets to enter the jackpot. You do not have to spend $EVERY to buy tickets. You are automatically issued tickets for holding when you have $EVERY in your wallet.

Holding the minimum required amount $EVERY tokens = 1 Jackpot ticket (for as long as you hold the token)

Holding the minimum required $EVERY will allow you to claim a scratch card for seeds during an active drop.

Promoting Content: 

$EVERY will be the primary method of payment used to promote content in Everyworld.  Brands, companies and creators will pay to have their video content and products promoted to Everyworld users.


Learn more about the why behind Everyworld.

What is the mission of Everyworld?

Everyworld has an ambitious vision to disrupt the $60 billion advertisement industry by leveraging the rapid, community-building attributes of web3.

The advertising industry is dominated by traditional platforms (like traditional and social media companies) that maintain high take rates of nearly 100%, capturing nearly all the generated ad revenue. This reality has created a dynamic where consumers are continuously bombarded by thousands of advertisements every day, gaining nothing in return. This construct benefits advertisers and platforms significantly, all at the consumer's expense.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Everyworld disrupts this cycle by rewarding people with jackpot tickets for their most valuable asset: their time and attention.

How does conservation play a role in the Everyworld model?

A global problem needs a global solution. Everyworld introduces social change that combines the thrill of winning payouts with the power of pooling donations, leveraging the community-driven power of blockchain technology. Every jackpot will payout 40-45% to a designated environmental conservation that has been vetted. 

The purpose of this environmental conservation is to align the community around a “dual incentive” mechanism, where players are motivated to play for two reasons: 1) for personal gain, and 2) to make a meaningful difference in the world.  Further, both jackpot winnings and donations to conservations organizations have the potential to become more valuable over time, subject to fluctuations in the token price. (They also may decrease in value, for the same reason.)


Partner with Everyworld and get your content on the platform.

How does advertising work in Everworld?

Advertisers pay in $EVERY to have their content promoted and featured within the Everyworld platform, including video ad content and in quests.

How do advertisers benefit from this protocol?

Rewarded ads receive higher user engagement than other ad formats, resulting in a higher return-on-ad-spend. Everyworld players watch content about video games and apps and get rewarded for their attention with tickets that are entered into the Everyworld jackpot. There is a dual incentive for players to engage with ads in order to enter the jackpot and for advertisers to gain exposure to their products.


Get answers to commonly asked questions about the $EVERY Ecosystem.

What is Otherworld?

Otherworld is a licensed online crypto casino where you can play games from top providers, get competitive bonuses, and earn rewards.

How does Otherworld work in the Everyworld ecosystem?

Otherworld is powered by the $EVERY token. Players that deposit and play with $EVERY will get special rewards. Otherworld is the first crypto casino that rewards players with tickets to a global jackpot powered by $EVERY, the native token of the Everyworld rewards layer.

What is the relationship between Everyrealm, Everyworld, and Otherworld?

Everyrealm is a video gaming and technology holding company backed by A16Z Crypto, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Dragonfly, NGC, Foresight Ventures, among others.

Everyworld is a blockchain project powered by the $EVERY token and incubated and developed by the Everyrealm team.

Otherworld is a crypto casino that is also powered by the $EVERY token. Otherworld is owned and operated by Jack’s House B.V., a Curaçao-based company that is an affiliate of Everyrealm.

Not available in the U.S.