How to Play


Players receive tickets for holding $EVERY in their wallet or earn tickets by watching videos on the app. Jackpots are paid in $EVERY tokens.

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you need tickets to enter the jackpot game.

To participate in the  jackpot game, you must enter with at least one ticket.
The more tickets you enter, the greater your chance of winning.
You can enter a  maximum of 100 tickets into each jackpot.

more tickets entered = bigger jackpot

how to earn tickets:

Each ticket is one chance to win the jackpot.

More tickets = More chances
500 =

1. tickets
from seeds

You can earn seeds by watching videos, referring friends, and completing quests.
50 =

2. tickets
from holding

You can also earn tickets by holding $EVERY. For every 50 $EVERY tokens you hold, you earn 1 ticket for the current jackpot.  Your tickets from holding $EVERY do not expire after the jackpot if you are still holding $EVERY.
coming soon

more ways
to earn tickets

Everyworld is a rewards protocol.  New ways to earn tickets are coming soon.

two ways to win

1st Way

If you hold the winning ticket, you earn a Massive payout of every

2nd Way

your referral wins

build your referral tree for more ways to win

If a member of your referral tree wins, you participate in the jackpot, too.

This is how jackpot payouts are distributed:

All jackpot winnings unlock monthly over 36 months.
* If less than 10% of the jackpot payout is earned through a Referral Tree, the remainder is split equally between the jackpot winner and the conservation organization. If the winner does not have anyone above them in a Referral Tree, then the winner and the conservation organization will each receive 45% of the jackpot payout.

Everyworld is powered by the $EVERY token.

$EVERY is the native cryptocurrency of Everyworld and your perpetual ticket to a global web3 jackpot.