New Look, Same Mission.

May 1, 2024

The “why” behind Everyworld’s new look.

Everyworld's rebrand has three primary pillars: 

  • Global & Community Driven
  • Bright & Optimistic
  • Environmentally Conscious


The new Everyworld logo is comprised of four conjoined circles, which holds great symbolic significance to the project. The first is that it represents the four classical elements from which the world is composed: air, fire, water, and earth. It also represents the four cardinal directions on a map: north, south, east, and west—wherever we navigate geographically, the Everyworld community is there, with you. It also represents many worlds: physical, virtual, and others not yet imagined, where Everyworld is the coalescence of all of them.


Everyworld rewards users for their time with tickets to a global crypto jackpot game. The jackpot game is the first game built on Everyworld, chosen because it is universally understood all around the world. The more people that participate, the bigger the jackpot. The community drives the size of the jackpot payout, which underscores the importance of the community-driven nature of Everyworld. The bright colors in the brand are designed to instill a sense of happiness, fun, and excitement for a project that is truly the first of its kind. 


In the new Everyworld app, users can engage with promoted content to earn "seeds." Starting in Season 2, seeds are in-game currency you earn for engaging with content on Everyworld. Seeds can be earned by watching videos, referring friends, and completing quests. When you earn 500 seeds, you earn 1 ticket that is automatically entered into the current jackpot. By earning seeds, users start their journey in Everyworld and build towards earning tickets through incremental engagement.

The blue and green colors represent planet earth (water and land, respectively), a nod to Everyworld's mission to use digital engagement as a force for environmental conservation. 

Everyworld believes that there is no digital world without a physical one.

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